• RCR Policy and Procedures
  • Lab Safety Training

Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Policy and Procedures

Funding agencies, including NSF and NIH, have expectations about RCR training for students involved in research. UAB has taken a proactive approach and is requiring all undergraduate students who will be conducting research to have an understanding of research ethics and professionalism.

As such, all undergraduate students conducting research at the University of Alabama at Birmingham are required to complete training in the responsible conduct of research (RCR).

To receive certification of RCR compliance, each student must complete the training process outlined below.

Online Training

The student must complete six modules of the RCR Abbreviated Course for Undergraduate Students. The modules with an asterisk (*) are required, but you may take the entire series and some of these may be required for a specific lab or research experience. The RCR Abbreviated Course consists of:

Required Modules

  • Authorship*
  • Research Ethics and Society*
  • Data Management*
  • Plagiarism*
  • Research Misconduct*
  • Collaborative Research*

Additional Modules

  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Mentoring
  • Peer Review
  • Research Involving Human Subjects
  • Using Animal Subjects in Research

After completion of online modules, an email of completion is sent to the Office of Service Learning and Undergraduate Research. In addition, the student will have the ability to print off a record of completion from the CITI site.

How to Access Online Training:

  1. Go to www.citiprogram.org
  2. Click on Log in through my institution or the box in the middle that says, “Log in via SSO.”
  3. Scroll down to University of Alabama at Birmingham (#53) and click UAB.
  4. This takes you to the Blazer ID sign in page, sign in.
  5. A pop up screen will come up, click continue.
  6. Select the option for “I don’t have an account and need to create one.”
  7. Click on blue link at the bottom.
  8. Click on add a course.
  9. Scroll down and click the RCR Abbreviated Course for Undergraduate Students.
  10. Take the six required modules.

Documentation and Survey

After completion of the online training, please print off the certificate of completion from the CITI website and bring the certificate to the Office of Service Learning and Undergraduate Research in the Education Building, room 240L. After certificate is printed and stamped, each student must complete a short survey to be fully certified and documented. This survey can be taken online or in the office of after completion of CITI training.

Take Survey

This stamped certificate may then be presented to the Principal Investigator, Research Mentor, or professor in order to begin the research process. Graduate Students should print the completion report and certificate of completion to submit with their Candidacy application.

Reporting Concerns and Questions Regarding Ethics and Professionalism

It is important to know where to report concerns regarding responsible conduct of research. UAB has a Research Integrity Officer (RIO) who oversees these issues. Please visit the UAB Research website learn more about proper reporting and identification. UAB’s RIO's contact information can be found on the UAB Research website.


Email Assistant Director of Service Learning and Undergraduate Research, Gareth Jones, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Lab Safety Training

Overhead Lab Student

Research activities, whether conducted in the field or laboratory, can pose unique hazards to researchers and their subjects. For these reasons and others, governmental regulatory agencies, funding entities, accrediting bodies, and other entities external to the UAB have established mandatory training requirements for persons involved with certain types of research.

Some of the required training focuses on ensuring that live research subjects, including humans or other vertebrate animals, are respected and not put in unnecessarily risky, stressful, or painful situations. Other required training, such as that regarding radiation hazards or bloodborne pathogens, is designed to ensure researchers understand the proper precautions needed to protect themselves during their work.

Students can access these trainings through the Faculty and Staff Learning System (FSLS) — all that is required is your Blazer ID. Simply use the keyword "Undergraduate Research Lab Training" in the catalog search bar. The search will display courses commonly required of students working in campus research labs. Displayed courses may not be required in all labs or additional courses may be required. Students should discuss training requirements with faculty mentors and can read more about safety programs and training at UAB Occupational Health and Safety.