About the Facility:

The mission of UAB’s Structural Biology Institutional Core facility and the Comprehensive Cancer Center’s Structural Biology Shared facility is to provide investigators state-of-the-art instrumentation and resources to carry out structural biology studies.

The facility operates as a service center that offers access and training to sophisticated instrumentations and provides expertise in designing, conducting and analyzing the data.

  • Congratulations to Dr. Stephen Aller, who was recognized nationally for his contributions to structural biology.
  • Congratulations to Dr. Terje Dokland for the national recognition at the American Society for Microbiology as a Distinguished lecturer.
New Protocols for Use of X-ray Facility

As the X-ray core-facility is transitioning to “Modified Operations - Phase I (Code Yellow)”, we are instituting several changes to our operational procedures that we are outlining here for the safety of the users and staff.  In this new arrangement please schedule your appointments ahhead of time.

Do not just walk in!

To use any of the ‘stations’ listed below from 1-6 please contact Norbert Schormann either (a) in person(Room 150), (b) by E-mail (nschorm@uab.edu) or (c) phone (Cell: 205-821-2888)

To use any of the ‘stations’ listed below from 7-11 please contact Wendy Yang either (a) in person (Room 142), (b) by E-mail (yangzw@uab.edu) or (c) phone (Cell: 205-747-8666)

Equipment/Station list
1) Gryphon
2) Formulatrix
3) X-ray Equipment for Crystal Checking and Data Collection
4) Liquid Nitrogen Use
5) Dark Room
6) Syngene Gel/Blot Imager
7) ITC
8) DSC
9) DSF
10) CD
11) DLS
12) PTI fluorometer

 Etiquette list
1. All users will be required to wear face masks while using/visiting the facility.
2. Each ‘station’ has wipes and spray bottles (70% ethanol; ‘diluted’ bleach) to clean up after you(door handles, touched surfaces etc.).
3. If you wear gloves, please discard them right after use. We will provide specific ‘trash’ collection for used wipes and gloves.
4. We request that you buy and bring your own (a) gloves and (b) cryo gloves to dispense liquid nitrogen.
Keyboard(s) and computer mouse(s) for computer use to control instruments will be wrappedwith clear plastic. The wrap should be wiped clean after each use. At the end of the day, the facility staff will replace new wraps.
5. For transfer of crystallization plates to the Formulatrix for imaging, please bring fresh gloves and discard them after you are done.
6. Before you leave wipe the table and the chair and any other objects that you might have come into contact with before you leave the area.

Related core-facilities:
Date Time Day Beamline
    9th February   2020  (12 hrs AM) 9:00 – 21:00 Sunday 22 ID
27th February 2020   (12 hrs AM) 9:00 – 21:00 Thursday 22 ID
25th March     2020   (12 hrs PM) 21:00 - 9:00 Wednesday 22 ID
15th April        2020   (12 hrs PM) 21:00 - 9:00 Wednesday 22 ID