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To plan the engagements with UAB faculty, Clarus Consulting Group coordinated with each Dean to establish the best methods for engaging their faculty in discussing opportunities for UAB’s next QEP. The Stakeholder Engagement Committee provided additional methods of engaging faculty, staff, and students. The process of gathering input from the UAB community will conclude in March 2013. The various methods were designed to include the greatest possible number of individuals in the QEP focus identification process.

UAB Faculty Engagement

Beginning in October 2012, Clarus Consulting Group began presenting to and engaging UAB faculty in the process of identifying opportunities for the next QEP.

Faculty engagements include the following methods:

  • Presentation—presentation followed by Q&A
  • Focus Group—brief presentation and discussion with full group
  • Community Café—roundtable group discussions and report out to full group
  • Online—online survey and blog opportunities for faculty
  • Contact Clarus—faculty members are encouraged to contact Lynn Elgin at Clarus by phone or by email

Faculty members were invited to attend two open forums to participate in a roundtable discussion about UAB’s strengths and student learning. There have been additional engagements in various schools. If faculty members have been unable to attend an open forum and have not engaged in this process at their school, they have the ability to share their input via an online survey: http:///

In order to identify opportunities for UAB’s next QEP, the faculty has been asked the following questions:

  • What are some of UAB’s strengths? How can these strengths be leveraged to improve student learning?
  • What do you want students to know, to experience, and to value when they graduate from UAB?
  • What does a successful UAB student look like? How can we help UAB students be more successful?

UAB Student Engagement

Clarus met with the Council of SGA Presidents to strategize ways to engage the UAB undergraduate and graduate student body.