1. Teach students to succeed in all roles of a team
    • Give any accrediting body and the degree program(s) that require your graduates to function on teams. What are the criteria or requirements?
    • What courses and activities teach team skills?
    • What courses and activities use teams or groups but do not teach team skills?
    • Do you have any assessment tools that you would like to share?
    • Could you share your data that indicates that your students function on teams?
    • What opportunities do you see for teaching team skills? For example, is there a specific course, which uses groups, that you would like to see teach the groups to be teams.
  2. Use these skills to improve student learning
    • What courses do you have that utilize team approaches, such as team-based learning, simulations…? What approaches do you use?
    • Who are your stars in this area?
    • Could you share your data that indicates that these approaches improved student learning?
    • What opportunities do you see to change instructional approaches to incorporate team-skills and pedagogies? Which approaches would you like to be supported?
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