Clarus Consulting Group led the stakeholder engagement process to identify potential topics for UAB’s next QEP. Presentations, Faculty Open Forums, and surveys were conducted in 2012 and early 2013 to generate ideas and comments which led to the selection of the QEP Learning in a Team EnvironmentClarus’ summary is found here.

10/09/2012 Faculty Senate Presentation
1st Faculty Open Forum at UAB Alumni House
10/22/2012 Nursing Faculty Presentation
11/09/2012 Business Faculty Presentation
11/09/2012 Council of Student Government Association Presidents Planning Session
11/13/2012 School of Public Health Executive Committee Presentation
11/14/2012 Education Program Coordinators Focus Group
School of Health Professions Faculty Focus Group
11/15/2012 Engineering Faculty Presentation
11/19/2012 College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) Leadership Community Café
11/27/2012 Undergraduate Student Government Association Focus Group
11/29/2012 Dentistry Executive Council Focus Group
12/03/2012 2nd Faculty Open Forum at UAB Alumni House
12/06/2012 CAS Focus Group
12/20/2012 Optometry Faculty Presentation
01/15/2013 Medicine Leaders Presentation