QEP Theme Identification



10/09/12 Faculty Senate Presentation

             1st Faculty Open Forum at UAB Alumni House

10/22/12 Nursing Faculty Presentation


11/09/12 Business Faculty Presentation

11/09/12 Council of SGA Presidents Planning Session

11/13/12 SOPH Executive Committee Presentation

11/14/12 Education Program Coordinators Focus Group

                   SHP Faculty Focus Group

11/15/12 Engineering Faculty Presentation

11/19/12 CAS Leadership Community Café

11/27/12 USGA Focus Group

11/29/12 Dentistry Executive Council Focus Group


12/03/12 2nd Faculty Open Forum at UAB Alumni House

12/06/12 CAS Focus Group

12/20/12 Optometry Faculty Presentation

01/15/12 Medicine Leaders Presentation


The blog is a place where anyone can post comments and questions about the QEP. http://uabaccreditation.blogspot.com/


Clarus Consulting Group has made a survey available for all faculty members who have been unable to attend an open forum or school presentation. It is available at http://bit.ly/uabqepsurvey. Soon there will be surveys available for students and staff/administration.

Contact Clarus

Lynn Elgin, Principal at Clarus Consulting Group, is available to speak individually with anyone who has additional questions or comments about the QEP. She can be reached at 205-254-0129 or by email at lynn@clarusgroup.net.