QEP Steering Committee Members

Name Title Constituency Phone Office
Peter G. Anderson,
Professor School of Medicine 4-2414 VH 210
Kristi S. Menear,
Associate Professor/
Department Chair
School of Education 5-7409
EB 207
Suzanne Austin Vice Provost for Student and Faculty Success Ex Officio 4-8220 AB 1019
Nathaniel H. Boyd Graduate Student Association 4-3857 SHEL 120
Candra Long Student Government Association 334-467-3625
Catherine F. Danielou Associate Professor/Senior Associate Dean College of Arts and Sciences 4-2291
HHB 560C
Chad Epps Associate Professor School of Health Professions,
Faculty Senate Chair-elect
6-2651 SHPB 451
Retta R. Evans Associate Professor School of Education 6-2071 EB 259
Roderick J. Fullard Associate Professor Department of Optomerty 4-6746 HPB 440
Ashley L. Hodges Assistant Professor School of Nursing 6-7608 NB 434
Maria I. Hopkins Associate Professor College of Arts and Sciences 4-3850 CH 415
Gregg M. Janowski Associate Provost for
Assessment & Accreditation
Ex Officio 4-8524
AB 374K
Karen Kennedy Professor/Associate Dean School of Busniess 4-8849 BEC 218
Tracy Lyons Director Academic Services Retention Initiatives and
Academic Engagement
4-2719 936 BLDG
Andy J. Marsch Assistant VP for Student Life Student Life 4-4175 1715 Bld
Nir Menachemi Professor School of Public Health 4-7192 RPHB 320
Ronan O’Beirne Instructional Technology Director, CTL Center for Teaching and Learning 4-0455 EB 238
Douglas H. Ross Assistant Professor School of Engineering 4-0707 BEC 356F
Ken R Tilashalski Associate Professor/Associate Dean School of Dentistry 4-1185 SDB 107
Suzanne Scott Trammell Executive Director Career and Professional Development 4-4324 936 BLDG
Jonathan B. Waugh Professor/Faculty Director CTL School of Health Professions,
Center for Teaching and Learning
4-7638 SHPB 447
Marjorie L. White Associate Professor School of Medicine 638-9587 PP1 SUIT