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The Laurence M. Gould sailed north yesterday, taking with it 17 friends who have been sharing Palmer Station with us, some since we arrived in February, some for just the past few weeks. That brings the station population down to 27 from its normal maximum level of 44. While the station feels a bit more cozy now, even with 44 it still feels like a home away from home. And just like a family in our northern homes, everyone pitches in to take care of this one.

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Palmer Station is a field base for science, surrounded by a magnificent landscape. However, what makes this place really special for me

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If you’ve been reading our blogs, you already know that Palmer Station is basically a wonderful slice of icy paradise. So, then what is it like to use your morning off to take a “vacation” from paradise?

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In Antarctica, everyday life is closely tied to the penguins, birds, and other wildlife surrounding us. So, what are we doing at Palmer Station to “save the penguins”?


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