Program Information

The department offers the following ACS-approved B.S. degrees in chemistry as well as a minor in chemistry:
I. Major in chemistry
II. Major in chemistry with a biochemistry track
III. Major in chemistry with a chemical education track
IV. Major in chemistry with a forensic chemistry track
V. Major in chemistry with a polymer chemistry track

The B.S. degree in chemistry with a biochemistry track, or a B.S. degree in chemistry, with biology as a minor, is recommended for students with career interests in medicine, dentistry, optometry, pharmacy, or other health-related fields. Students whose interests include careers in federal, state, or local forensic laboratories are encouraged to obtain a degree in chemistry with the forensic chemistry track.

Brochures that delineate the required curricula and career opportunities associated with the B.S. degree in chemistry and all available options, an annual schedule of courses, and a suggested program of study are available from the Department of Chemistry Advising Office and on the Department of Chemistry website.