An experiment conducted in one of UAB's chemistry labs. The honors program gives outstanding chemistry majors the chance to get even more out of their time at school. It is designed to enhance problem solving, critical thinking, and communication skills, and it is excellent preparation for graduate school or professional careers.

Students in the program will have access to a faculty mentoring program that fosters a spirit of inquiry, independence, and initiative. It also integrates prior course work into a working knowledge of chemistry in the laboratory. When you complete the program, you will graduate “With Honors in Chemistry.”


To be accepted into the Chemistry honors program, you must have:
  • a 3.25 GPA in required chemistry courses
  • a 3.0 GPA overall
  • completed the following courses: CH 115, CH 114 or CH 116, CH 117, CH 118 or CH 119, CH 235, CH 234 or CH 236, CH 237, and CH 238 or CH 239
  • arranged with a faculty mentor to do a research project in chemistry; and
  • submitted the honors program application form and a one-page honors research proposal to the Chemistry Honors Director
  • the approval of the Chemistry Honors Director


To successfully complete the program you will need to:
  • complete 6 semester hours of undergraduate research (CH 497)
  • complete CH 499: Honors Thesis, which requires a senior thesis written in ACS format for a scientific paper
  • give an oral presentation and defense of your thesis before the student’s Honors Research Committee

Where appropriate, the Honors Committee may recommend that chemistry honors students make a formal presentation of their work at the annual meeting of the Alabama Academy of Science or a regional or national meeting of the American Chemical Society.


For more information about the Chemistry Honors Program, contact:

Dr. Gary Gray
Director of the Department of Chemistry Honors Program
Chemistry Building Room 201
Telephone: (205) 934-8094