Camp CSI Birmingham

blood sample analysis

Learn what forensic scientists and crime scene investigators do. Receive hands-on training with collecting evidence, dusting for fingerprints, searching for blood stains, analyzing DNA evidence, interpreting DNA profiles, and examining flies and maggots!

Camp CSI: Birmingham is designed to show high school students, grades 10-12, the reality behind the forensic science depicted in such television dramas as CSI and NCIS; develop their interest in science and the scientific method; and provide information on forensic science education and career opportunities. By engaging in substantively related activities during a one-week period, Camp CSI: Birmingham will:

  • help students develop their analytical skills
  • help students learn (by doing) the steps involved in the scientific method
  • teach students how to collect, preserve, secure, analyze, and present evidence
  • expose students to current generation equipment and methods used in forensic-based laboratories
  • expose students to the reality of forensic-based investigations of crime scenes
  • allow students to have fun while learning about such topics as DNA, fingerprints, criminalistics, and related forensic-based concepts
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