202 Heritage Hall

The UAB Math Learning Lab (MLL) is a computer lab where students enrolled in MA 094, 098, 102, 105, 106, 107, 110, 125, 126, 180, 227, and 418 at UAB can receive assistance in addition to the instruction they get in class and lab meetings. The MLL is staffed by graduate students in mathematics, but it is NOT a traditional tutoring lab. 

Instead of just showing how to work problems, the tutors encourage students to actively learn mathematics by “doing” mathematics and working to find solutions to problems on their own. Our tutors are trained to guide students by asking questions about their understanding and thinking. Our goal is to help students learn to think for themselves and become better problem-solvers. 

There are certain designated tutors for MA 180, MA 418/418 and Calculus. Click on Calculus, MA 180 Tutoring Schedule on the left menu to see their availability.

The MLL is open Monday through Friday when classes are in session and closed during breaks and holidays. Click on Math Learning Lab Schedule on the left menu to see the hours of operation.