Primary Responsibilities:
• Provides group and individual counseling to students with career, academic, learning skills, and personal adjustment concerns.
• Conducts Biopsychosocial intake assessments (BPSA).
• Conducts outreach workshops
• Identifies the appropriate level of care.
• Refers cases that exceed the severity outlined in the CCC inclusionary criteria to qualified external providers.
• Develops and maintains collaborative treatment plans with measurable objectives and evidenced based interventions.
Additional Duties
• Orally present a case conceptualization
• Present an evidenced based treatment intervention
• Cover front desk duties when needed.
• Fully participate in CCC staff meetings and case conferences.
• Generate and maintain organized intake reports and progress notes
Performance Expectations
• Timely, thorough, and accurate documentation of services;
• Attend weekly staff meetings
• Is punctual and present for all scheduled shifts and required meetings.
• All practicum and internship evaluations must be scheduled with the director 3 weeks before the deadline.