Address:  901 13th Street South
Education Building, Room 157

Driving Directions & Parking
The UAB School of Education is located at 901 13th Street South, in Birmingham, Alabama.  The school sits in the middle of a block between 13th and 14th Streets South, and University Blvd and 10th Avenue South.  Parallel parking spaces (most with 2-hour meters) are available along 13th and 14th Streets, and along 10th Avenue South.

From I-65 Southbound:

Take the 4th Avenue South Exit.

This is a one way street headed east.

Stay on 4th Avenue South until you come to the 14th Street South intersection.

Take a right onto 14th Street South.

Stay on 14th Street South until you cross University Blvd. (also 8th Ave. South).  The School of Education is located on the right side of 14th Street South, between University Blvd and 10th Avenue South.

 From I-65 Northbound:

Take the University Blvd. Exit (Also 8th Avenue South).

As you merge with University Blvd., stay in the right hand or middle lane.

You will see an overhead crosswalk at the intersection of University and 13th Street South.

You may turn right on 13th Street South and the School of Education will be on your left.  If you choose to continue on University Blvd to 14th Street South and turn right, the School of Education will be on your right.

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