Jeanell Irish '15

Jeanell Irish
Degree completed: Master of Arts in Education
Health Education, Community Health
Current City/State: Hoover, AL
Job Title: Telehealth Coach
Job description: As the lead telehealth coach for the UAB/Lakeshore Research Collaborative, I am responsible for working with an internet-based lifestyle intervention that is designed to improve the overall health of the individuals participating in the studies through diet, exercise, and behavior change.  I conduct weekly coaching sessions with individuals of varying ages, health conditions, and physical/intellectual disabilities.

Susan Gay '13

susan gay
Degree completed: Master of Arts in Education
Health Education, Community Health
Current City/State: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Job Title: Public Health Educator/ Training Coordinator
Job description: My job as a public health educator affords me the opportunity to serve Forty three federally recognized Tribal nations in the Oklahoma (38), Kansas (4), and Texas (1) areas. Part of my duties is to ensure that American Indian populations are equipped with health information that is meaningful, easy to obtain, process, and understand. 


Johnny Hawkins '13

Johnny-Hawkins standing in front of UAB National Alumni Society sign
Degree completed: BS, Health Education
Current City/State: Birmingham, Alabama
Job Title: Senior Clinical Coordinator with Unitedhealthcare
Job description:
  • Appropriate referrals to case management staff
  • Educate patients on wellness and preventive medicine
  • Ensure that medical doctors follow policy and procedures for UnitedHealthCare cardholders
  • Interact with patients via telephone; scheduling appointments
  • Perform data collection, data entry and quality monitoring activities
  • Document case information completely
  • Demonstrate sensitivity to issues and show proactive behavior in addressing customer needs


Kiko King '12

Kiko-King-with-VolunteersDegree completed:  Masters in Education, Community Health
Current City/State: Birmingham, Alabama
Job title:  Coordinator of Health Education
Job description:
As a Coordinator of Health Education with the Department of Infectious Diseases, I work as part of the behavioral research intervention team bringing patient-centered educational interventions to persons living with HIV. These interventions are geared toward increasing HIV awareness, getting connected to care, increasing HIV medication adherence, and reducing risky sexual behaviors.
How did UAB prepare you for your current position?
The program at UAB prepared me for this role by providing me with instruction that gave me the tools, included hands on skills building in program design, implementation and management, educational tool usage (creating a learning center), and research (writing a conceptual model); all of which I use everyday.


Fawn Tucker '12

Health Education alum Fawn Tucker
Degree completed: Masters in Health Education, Community Health
Current City/State: Columbia, South Carolina
Job Title: Health Education/Physical Education teacher - Head Girls Varsity Basketball Coach
Job description: As a health and physical education teacher, I have the opportunity to impact my students lives by making them aware of their choices and their responsibility for these choices.