Please read the General Student Teaching Requirements document for general eligibility requirements for each program.

For specific eligibility or program requirements, please contact the Office of Student Services.

Cooperating Teacher Requirementseligibility

Cooperating teachers must meet the following requirements:

  • Recommended by school administrator as a master teacher.

  • Model sound professional and teaching practices.

  • Agree to work with UAB to guide, support, and plan internship experiences.

  • Hold teaching certificate in student teacher’s area of specialization or be designated as a master teacher by the principal.

  • Have at least three years of accumulative teaching experience in the student teacher’s area of specialization.

  • Hold a master’s degree in the student teacher’s area of specialization or complete a UAB Cooperating Teacher Recommendation form by the principal.

  • Be currently teaching classes in the student teacher’s area of specialization.

Eligibility Reminders

The School of Education provides the following eligibility reminders:

  • Contact the Office of Student Services about any questions regarding eligibility requirements (205) 934-7530.

  • All students must be formally admitted to the Teacher Education Program and/or the Alternative Master's Program prior to beginning the internship.

  • All testing requirement results (e.g., Praxis tests, AECTP) are due to EB 232 by the specified due date and must be uploaded into the electronic portfolio.

  • Cleared background check is necessary prior to reporting to any school site.

  • Successful completion of all required coursework is required prior to the internship.

  • GPA requirements must be fulfilled prior to the internship.

  • Student teaching placements will not be secured if the student fails to provide evidence to the Office of Student Services following an eligibility examination.  Failure to meet all eligibility requirements will result in the student teaching placement being cancelled.