Courtesy Placements for UAB Students

Please click on the following link to access the most updated information and necessary form(s) to be considered for a courtesy placement as a UAB student - Request for Student Teaching Courtesy Placement for UAB Students

The UAB Student Agrees To:

  • Submit a student teaching application to the Office of Clinical Experiences by January 30; undergo a student teaching eligibility check by the Office of Student Services; and meet all of the necessary eligibility requirements before commencing the student teaching internship.
  • Seek departmental approval from the student teacher’s UAB Department Chair by completing the "Department Approval for Student Teaching Courtesy Placement Form."  The Department Chair will then submit the completed form to the Office of Clinical Experiences.
  • Find an NCATE accredited host institution through which to complete the internship.  The host institution must complete the "Request for Student Teaching Courtesy Placement Form." NOTE: It is the UAB student teacher’s sole responsibility to ensure that all terms and conditions are fulfilled by the host institution, including the use of UAB’s observation and evaluation forms. 
  • Request supervision and an internship placement location within an accredited school via the host institution. 
    • The supervisor must be a faculty member at the host institution.
    • The cooperating teacher at the internship placement location must: hold a teaching certificate in the student teacher’s field of certification or be designated as a master teacher by the principal; have at least three years teaching experience in the student teacher’s field of certification; hold a master’s degree in the student teacher’s field of certification; and be currently teaching classes in the student teacher’s field of certification.
  • All arrangements for the courtesy placement must be completed by the following deadlines prior to the semester in which the placement is sought:  January 30 for a fall courtesy placement; September 30 for a spring courtesy placement (e.g., if a spring 2014 internship is sought, the deadline would be September 30, 2013).  Student teaching applications, however, are still due on January 30.
  • NOTE:  If a student teacher changes his/her mind about the courtesy placement and decides to pursue a placement via UAB’s Office of Clinical Experiences, the following deadlines apply: April 1 for a local internship placement in the fall semester; October 1 for a local internship placement in the spring semester.
  • Pay for any extraneous fees, outside the renumeration UAB provides, associated with the courtesy placement supervision.
  • Register for the appropriate internship course(s) at UAB.  If the student teacher’s UAB program checklist includes the Internship Seminar course, the student teacher must register for the seminar at UAB and attend the seminar at UAB or a similar seminar through the host institution
  • Agree to accept all responsibilities and liabilities associated with a courtesy placement (e.g., meeting certification and program requirements, including portfolio tasks).
  • All student teachers seeking P-12 certification (e.g., Art, Music, PE) must have two placements – one at the elementary level and one at the secondary level.  The internship must be split equally between the elementary and secondary placement.
  • The UAB School of Education’s Office of Clinical Experiences is not responsible for any courtesy placement arrangements.