• Alternative Master's students may be employed, full-time, while they complete their student teaching internship.  Undergraduate students are not permitted to complete their internship as hired teachers (i.e., they must complete a "traditional" internship with a cooperating teacher).

  • After the initial Student Teaching Orientation, Alternative Masters Program student teachers can only accept employment during student teaching under the following conditions:

o   The student teacher is hired to take over his/her cooperating teacher’s current teaching schedule, and the student teacher seeks approval from the Director of the Office of Clinical Experiences; OR

o    The student teacher is hired to take over a teaching position at the existing internship placement site, the position is a full-time teaching position within the student teacher’s field of certification, and approval has been granted by the Director of the Office of Clinical Experiences

  • Alternative Master's students can only be employed at schools that are accredited by the Southern Association for Colleges and Schools (SACS).
  • Hired student teachers must teach within their specific area of certification, all day, every day for the entire 15 week internship (i.e., from “bus duty to bus duty”).

Service Area

  • All students must complete their internship within a 50 mile radius of UAB and the placement school (this includes full-time hired AMP teachers completing their internship).

Application & General Requirements

  • Alternative Master's and graduate students must follow the same application procedures and deadlines to apply for student teaching.

  • Alternative Master's and graduate students must attend the internship seminars, even if their program checklist does not include the seminar course.

  • Hired student teachers must inform their principal about their decision to successfully complete their internship (i.e., so the principal is aware of the requirements, including visits by UAB personnel).