Senate Representatives to University Committees

The Faculty Senate appoints representatives to university-wide committees for the purpose of representing the interests and concerns of faculty and the Faculty Senate and to stay abreast of the activities and decisions being made. A Senator or non-Senator Faculty is nominated by the Senate for appointment by the UAB President to the following University Committees:

University Committee

Senate Representative

Academic Programs Review Committee

John Mayer

Advisory Committee of the Graduate Council

Purushotham Bangalore  (Curriculum Committee member)

Advisory Council to the Center for Teaching & Learning

Betty Nelson

Athletic Advisory Committee

Pam Paustian (Representative)
Philip Musa (Alternate)

Authorship Compliance Committee

Chad Steele

Benevolent Fund

Imelda Vetter

Bookstore Advisory Committee


Campus Planning Committee

Tim Pennycuff & Sylvia Britt (Curriculum Committee member)
Stephen Moser (Alternate)

Commission on Status of Women

Margaret Jay Jesse

Committee of Academic Advisors

Jeanne Hutchison

Council of Center Directors

Beth Brown (Research Chair)

Council for Translational Science

Beth Brown (Research Chair)

Deans Council

Michael Froelich (Senate Chair)

Diversity Advisory Council

Tara DeSilva

Faculty Enhancement & Career Development Committee

David Chaplin

Fringe Benefits Committee

Jeanne Hutchison & Michelle McNamara (Finance Committee member)

General Education Committee 

Pam Paustian

Institutional Biosafety Committee

Chad Steele

Information Security Advisory Committee

Julio Rivera

Ingalls Award for Lifetime Achievement in Teaching Selection Committee

Michael Froelich (Senate Chair)

Joint Compliance Committee

Mike Wyss (FPPC Chair)

Online Academic Advisory Council

Pam Paustian

Radioisotope & Radiation Safety University Safety Committee

Norman Bolus

Retention and Graduation Committee

Julio Rivera & John Mayer

University Safety Committee

Wesley Granger



Other Annual Representative Appointments


(National) Coalition on Intercollegiate Athletics and the University 

Pam Paustian



Temporary University Committees

Senate Representative

Library Transition Steering Committee

Chris Kyle

General Education Committee

Pam Paustian


The representatives to these committees report to the Senate. These reports are recorded in the monthly Faculty Senate meeting minutes. Additionally, separately published reports can be found by following this link and selecting the "Reports" tab.