Faculty Senate Events

President's State of the University Address

President WattsThe Faculty Senate will host President Watts' State of the University Address on Wednesday, October 29th 4:00pm at the Alumni House. All staff, faculty and students are invited to attend. You may drop in when your schedule allows yet we hope you can join us for the entire address. Cider, tea and hors d'oeuvres will be available. Come hear President Watts' update on our capital campaign, strategic plans, objectives and priorities. This will also be a great opportunity to meet people from all across campus including the Faculty Senate officers and academic unit Senate representatives.

October 14th Faculty Senate meeting

The Senate met on October 14th. The new Dean of Libraries, John Meador, presented his vision for the libraries for the coming year and beyond. Alesia Jones, Chief Human Resources Officer, gave an update presentation regarding benefits. Minutes will be posted when available. The next Senate meeting will be on November 11th, the entire UAB community are welcome. The agenda will be posted about 1 week before the meeting.

All Campus Faculty Gathering & Faculty Development Grant Poster Session

We had a great time at the gathering and poster session. Our FDGP awardees were thrilled with the nice event and the great turn-out. Brochures were available regarding the 2015-2016 Faculty Development Grant program. Applications will be taken in February & March 2015. See the FDGP website. We look forward to the upcoming All Campus Faculty Gathering on December 3rd from 4-6pm that will be hosted at AEIVA (UAB Abroms-Engel Institute for the Visual Arts). Hope you can join us then for good food, wine, networking and a chance to see the AEIVA.

Elections for Chair-Elect of Faculty Senate 

FacultySenateGavelThe faculty have chosen Dr. Alecia Gross, Associate Professor in Optometry- Vision Sciences, as the 2015-2016 Chair of the Faculty Senate. Dr. Gross will serve in the Chair-Elect role during the 2014-2015 Senate term. Election results were announced at the September 9th Senate meeting. Nominations were taken through August 24th and voting occurred August 27th through Sept 3rd.  Any questions can be addressed to the Senate Secretary, Pam Paustian, at paustian@uab.edu.

Thank you to all 2014-2015 Senate members for your service RecognitionOfRoseScripaRecognition of Rose Scripa

Installation of Chad Epps-rotatedMichael Froelich- Past Chair and Chad Epps- 2014-2015 ChairThe Faculty Senate would like to thank all 2014-2015 members for their faithful service in all of our shared-governance efforts. President Watts hosted a reception for the exiting and incoming Senate members in August at the UAB Woodward House.

Faculty Development Grant Program

The UAB Faculty Development Grant Program (FDGP) provides seed money for research, teaching and service related projects designed to enhance the effectiveness of individual faculty members by providing funds for them to undertake new efforts for which time or money is not generally available. The grant program is open to all UAB full‐time faculty members. To be eligible, faculty must secure matching funds from their department and/or school. Priority will be given to junior faculty, however, senior faculty can apply as long as the proposed project represents a distinctly new research or training direction. If the applicant is not an independent faculty, then they must describe how the proposed project is separate from his/her mentor's research/scholarly activity and how the funds received will be used to increase their independence. Applications and guidelines for the 2015-2016 FDGP will be available in February/March 2015 from the Faculty Senate on the FDGP website. Awards are made for one year (Aug-Aug). Reviews and award selections will be performed from April 1-July 1st. See the FDGP website for details.

Senate Liaison relationship with Council for Center Directors and Council for Translational Science

BethBrownD.ChaplinElizabeth E. Brown, PhD MPH, past-Chair of the Faculty Senate Research Committee and Associate Professor of Epidemiology in the School of Public Health, has taken on the role as the Faculty Senate Liaison to the Council of Center Directors. David D. Chaplin, MD, PhD, Chair of the Faculty Senate Research Committee and Professor of Microbiology has taken on the role as the Faculty Senate Liaison to the Council for Translational Science. These roles serve as a mechanism to facilitate improved communication between UAB faculty, the Faculty Senate and the Councils for Center Directors and for Translational Science with the goals of improving research effectiveness and breeching barriers. Faculty involved in research in any UAB school or department may contact Dr. Chaplin with research related concerns. The Liaisons attend the meetings held by the councils and the Faculty Senate. At the council meetings, the Liaison provides the interest, input and perspective of faculty from across the university. The Liaison also reports on the discussions and plans made by the councils to the Faculty Senate. Drs. Chaplin and Brown may draw feedback from the Faculty Senate Research Committee, which includes faculty from 15 or more departments across the entire UAB campus.

You can conveniently view all the upcoming meetings and events regarding the Faculty Senate, its committees, and the FPPC (Faculty Policies and Procedures Committee) all on one calendar. Click on the event/meeting on the calendar to view details such as location etc.

A listing of the faculty currently serving as Senators is available here. Please review the descriptions of the roles the Senators, Officers, and Liaisons serve.

Meeting Minutes
We welcome you to peruse the minutes of the most recent Senate meetings to see our latest efforts in shared governance at UAB. Please follow this link and choose the "minutes" tab.

Agenda for the upcoming meeting
You can view the topics that will be discussed at the upcoming monthly meeting of the Faculty Senate. The meetings occur every 2nd Tuesdays of the month. Senate meetings are open and anyone may attend. We invite you to attend to experience shared governance in action. Refreshments are available. The agenda is usually posted about 1 week before the meeting. Please follow this link and choose the "agendas" tab.

You can view the presentations that have been given at recent Senate meetings. Please follow this link and choose the "presentations" tab.

Senate and Committee Reports
In order to review the past actions of the Senate, you can review the various reports at your convenience. Please follow this link and choose the "reports" tab. 

Reports regarding each committees' actions can be found on each committee's web page.