Prospective Student Life

Welcome to graduate studies in Biochemistry and Structural Biology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, (UAB). We are looking for students who have a strong desire to understand life at the molecular level. Our goal is to teach the skills, implant the inspiration, encourage imagination, and nurture the dedication essential for our graduates to become world-class researchers.

Our faculty and students are dedicated to excellence in both coursework and research programs, and we are honored that our team's accomplishments and discoveries have been chronicled in Nature, Science, Cell, Blood, Structure and many other noted journals and publications of record. New students join a select family of faculty and students who work and study together within the Biochemistry and Structural Biology Theme at UAB. We teach you how to think- what questions to ask and where to search for answers. We give you the skills and background necessary to launch a successful scientific career as an independent researcher.

Whether you choose to pursue advanced studies in molecular genetics, stem cell biology, or many of the diverse areas of research within the Biochemistry and Structural Biology theme, you will find the work interesting, challenging and rewarding. It piques the curiosity, sparks the imagination, enlists your resourcefulness and brings a sense of fulfillment that comes from exciting research and exhilarating discovery.