Student Stipends. All students accepted into the program will receive a generous stipend in addition to the payment of all tuition and fees. Student health insurance is also provided at no cost to the student through VIVA Health UAB. Stipends are reviewed and typically increased annually. Stipend for the 2012/2013 academic year is $26,000.  The total annual award value including stipend, tuition/fees, and single-coverage health insurance is approximately $37,500.

Our first-year students are funded through the GBS Graduate Program by the UAB Graduate School Fellowships.   After students choose their mentors, they will be supportted by their mentor's research grants, institutional funds or training grants.   

Minority Program. The University has a Comprehensive Minority Faculty and Student Development Program in place designed to increase minority student enrollment in academic programs. Several minority graduate fellowships are available which provide a generous stipend and cover expenses for tuition and fees.

Training Grants. Several training grants from the National Institutes of Health provide financial support for predoctoral students in specified areas of research. Highly qualified students are encouraged to apply for individual predoctoral grants available from several extramural agencies. Your advisor and other faculty members will help you apply for positions on training grants and in the preparation of predoctoral grant applications.