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Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics

The laboratories affiliated with the “Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics” area of the BSB theme use a wide array of experimental approaches to answer important questions in diverse biological systems. To fully understand a biological system, one must define the system using detailed, quantitative approaches.This principal unifies the faculty associated with this research area. Whether investigating DNA repair and recombination in prokaryotic systems or disease progression in human systems, it is critical that the process be described in molecular detail.
We value the critical role that students play in academic research. Our goal is to providing our students with:

  1. Effective mentoring in experimental and academic pursuits
  2. World class facilities and equipment for the advancement of their research projects
  3. Collegial and cohesive working environment, fostering growth and scientific maturation

No one is born an expert in biochemistry. If you are curious and committed to a career in research, we are committed to providing the best possible training to help you reach your goals.

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