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Stem Cell Biology

Welcome to Stem Cell Biology research at UAB.  Research in Stem Cell Biology is a major focus of the Biochemistry and Structural Biology (BSB) graduate program faculty.  Students interested in stem cell research will find a diverse group of BSB principle investigators ready to train them to become tomorrow’s leading scientists in the stem cell field. BSB faculty members are focused on understanding the mechanisms involved in stem cell self-renewal and lineage specification of adult and pluripotent stem cells.  Somatic cell reprogramming, epigenetic regulation, directed differentiation, and stem cell therapies in preclinical disease models are all active areas of research. In addition to basic research on stem cells a major goal of BSB scientists is to translate the understanding of basic mechanisms into clinical applications. The close interactions of basic and clinical scientists in the program and throughout the UAB Medical Center provide unique opportunities to develop new therapies for inherited and acquired human disorders.

Currently, the Stem Cell Biology group at UAB is rapidly expanding with the establishment of the UAB Stem Cell Institute and the hiring of six new faculty members in 2011.   The UAB Stem Cell Institute offers incoming students access to state of the art facilities, equipment, and instrumentation from flow cytometers to next generation sequencers.

Please apply to pursue graduate studies in Stem Cell Biology by applying to UAB Biochemistry and Structural Biology Graduate Program.

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