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Structural Biology

We’re glad you’re interested in UAB Structural Biology! Students participating in UAB's world class structural biology program are exposed to a broad array of biophysical techniques used to address challenging biological problems at the atomic/molecular level. Our structural biology faculty members are drawn from departments across the entire campus and are a truly interdisciplinary group. They are highly regarded nationally and internationally and their trainees are similarly highly regarded and sought after.

Students enrolled in the structural biology program can participate in a range of structural biology based courses in addition to those available via the general GBS curriculum. Major structural biology facilities provide state-of-the-art equipment including high brilliance in-house X-ray generators, dedicated access to two powerful X-ray beamlines at the Argonne National lab’s Synchrotron facility, high-throughput nano-crystallization systems, ultra-high resolution NMR instrumentation, large computer clusters that support macromolecular modeling and in silico drug discovery, electron microscopes for high resolution cryo-electron microscopy and tomography, and each of the major mass spectrometry technologies to support most types of structural biology-related projects.

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