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Structural Biology Faculty

Our structural biology faculty members are a diverse group, housed in many departments. The common theme of the structural biology faculty members is the recognition of the central importance of the gaining and utilizing structural information to understand biological function at the molecular level.

The systems under study include proteins involved in the immune response, ion and metabolite transport, cell-cell recognition, multidrug resistance, virus-host interactions and signal transduction protein folding, protein-nucleic acid interactions and more.

In addition, a number of our faculty utilize structural data to design novel drugs for a variety of infectious and chronic diseases including influenza and HIV, bacterial host interactions, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), anthrax, tularemia and other pathogenic bacteria, oral bacteria that cause gum and tooth diseases, cystic fibrosis, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases, atherosclerosis, diabetes and several different cancers (i.e. prostate, colon, breast and lung cancer).

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Aller Anantharamaiah Barnes
Steve Aller
Structure/function of membrane
proteins, crystallography scaffolds, structure-based drug design, nanoprobes
G.M. Anantharamaiah

Steve Barnes
mass spectrometry, crystallins, bile acid acyltransferase
C_Brouillette2 Brouillette Chattopadhyay
Christie Brouillette
Protein Structural Cooperativity and Energetics, Biophysics, Antibacterial
Drug Discovery
Wayne Brouillette
Drug Design and Medicinal Chemistry, Biodefense, Molecular Modeling
Debisash Chattopadhyay
Protein structure based drug discovery, Host pathogen interaction, Vaccine design
Deivanayagam DeLucas2 Dokland
Champion Deivanayagam
X-ray Crystallography, Dental caries, bacterial surface proteins, Enzymes
Larry J. DeLucas
membrane protein structure-function relationships, cystic fibrosis transmembrane regulator, X-ray crystallography
Terje Dokland
Virus Assembly, Cryo-Electron Microscopy
Erlandsens2-1 Graves2 Green
Heidi Erlandsen
Protein crystallography, molecular mechanisms of cell signaling, metabolic disease
David Graves
Protein/nucleic Acid Interactions, Intercalating Agents, NMR, Biophysics
Todd Green
Viral transcription and replication, capsid structure
Kharmampieval Kim Krishna
Eugenia Kharlampieva
Biological Nanomaterials, Polymer Chemistry
Helen Kim
Proteomics of Dementia, Protein Oxidation, Mass Spectrometry
N. Rama Krishna
Protein Structural Biology, Protein-Ligand Interactions, High-Field NMR Spectroscopy, NMR Methodology
Lucius2 Luo2 Mobley
Aaron Lucius
Protein Machines, Motor Proteins, Chaperone/Protease Systems, Biophysics
Ming Luo
Virus structure, antiviral drugs, X-ray crystallography
James A. Mobley

Muccio Patterson Prevelige
Donald Muccio
Molecular Biophysics, Drug-protein Interactions, Conformationally Constrained Retinoids
James C. Patterson
Computational Inorganic Chemistry, Computational Biophysics
Peter E. Prevelige
Virus assembly, Bio-inspired Nanoparticles, Mass Spectrometry
Saad2 Segrest Sha
Jamil S. Saad
HIV-host interactions, NMR, protein-protein and protein-lipid interactions
Jere Segrest Bingdong Sha
Molecular Chaperones, Unfolded Protein Response, Mitochondrial Translocons
Song2 image not shown Townes_Tim
Yuhua Song
Computational biology, cancer biology, cell adhesion and focal adhesion disassembly
Naryana Sthanam
Microbial Pathogenicity, Macromolecular Structure/Function, X-ray Crystallography
Tim M. Townes
Vassylyev_Dmitry Velu2-1 Walter
Dmitry Vassylyev Sadanandan Velu
Structure Based Drug Design, Anti-cancer Agents, Anti-infective  Agents.
Mark Walter

Pengfei Wei
Photochemistry,  carbohydrate chemistry, organic synthesis, photo responsive materials