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UAB Fermentation Facility
Cancer Research Center
550 11th Street South

The Fermentation Facility has been serving the bacterial production needs of UAB’s researchers since 1984. Pictured is a 60 Liter Fermentation Vessel used in our facility. We provide large culture volume requirements at reasonable cost and time savings to labs across campus. Typical fermentation volumes are 12, 60 and 375 liters which yield cell paste pellets ranging from grams to kilograms. We also assist with cell disruption and initial purification.  We also have a separate tissue culture lab capable of producing up to 24 liters a week of suspension adapted cells (HeLa S3), up 32 T-175 flasks for adherent cells and adenovirus production in 293 cells.

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State of art RIGAKU X-Ray system equipped with fine focus X-Ray
generator, two imaging plate area detectors, multi-layer focusing optics
and cryostreams.

Dmitry Vassylyev, PhD, Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics