After your committee has cleared you for final defense
  • Submit a completed Application for Degree form - must be submitted no more than 3 weeks into the semester you plan to graduate
  • Set a date/time/place for both your private and public defense
  • Notify the Cancer Biology Theme office of your intent and the dates
  • Provide the Cancer Biology Theme office with an updated CV and the title of your thesis so that handouts can be made and your defense advertised
  • Obtain approval forms from the Graduate School no less than 2 weeks before your public defense (these forms are to be signed off on by your committee, indicating approval for awarding of degree -- done after your private defense)
  • No later than 10 business days after your public defense, submit your final, completed dissertation as a single PDF. This is done online (see UAB Publication Agreement Form & UAB/ProQuest Submission Site Forms links) and requires a $65 charge.
  • Must complete the Survey of Earned Doctorates form


  1. 3 weeks into semester you plan to graduate: submit Application for Degree
  2. 2 weeks or more before your public defense: obtain Approval forms from Graduate School
  3. 10 business days after public defense -- deadline for submitting your dissertation

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  - Application for Degree
  - Approval Forms
  - UAB Publication Agreement Form
  - Survey of Earned Doctorates
  - UAB/ProQuest Submission Site