Advanced Courses and Modules

After completion of the core GBS curriculum, CMDB students select among course modules offered by the GBS themes. CMDB students must complete six modules prior to the end of the third year and four of these must be listed within the CMDB theme. Additional course work may be required base on recommendations of the students thesis committee.

Recent CMDB Advanced Courses and Modules

  • Advanced cell signaling 

  • Skeletal development and disease 

  • Developmental genetics 

  • Cell and molecular neuroscience 

  • Developmental neuroscience 

  • Molecular and cellular principles of developmental biology 

  • Cell and matrix interactions in disease & development

  • Stem cell biology and regenerative medicine 

  • Dendritic cell biology

  • Cell cycle and cancer biology 

  • Advanced cell biology 

  • Cell and membrane structure/function 

  • Graduate histology and advanced organ systems 

  • Mechanisms and control of cell death 

  • Cell adhesion and motility

  • Mechanisms of birth defects 

  • Brain tumor biology 

  • The cytoskeleton 

  • Cellular organelles 

  • Genomics, bioinformatics, and computational biology tools 

  • Mechanisms of gene regulation 

  • Diseases of the nervous system 

  • Tissue engineering

  • Development and evolution

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