Financial Aid

How do I pay?

You don't!

As a full-time student, you will receive full financial support throughout the course of your graduate studies. The current student stipend is $26,500 per year. In addition to the stipend, your tuition, fees, and health insurance will also be covered. The value of the total annual award is approximately $36,480, plus travel support for occasional professional meetings.

Continuous registration during all terms is required, and outside jobs are not permitted.

Other sources of support and supplemental awards may be obtained by applying for the following:

  • The UAB Hughes Med-Grad Fellowship Award

  • Minority graduate fellowships through the Comprehensive Minority Graduate Student Development Program

  • International Student Recognition Awards

  • The annual Sigma Xi Awards

  • Training grants financed by the National Institutes of Health

  • The National Science Foundation

Faculty members will help you assemble appropriate applications.