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Advanced Courses

At least three advanced courses are required for all GBS students. Typically, advanced courses are 3 credit hours and must have a letter grade (no pass/fail). They must be completed prior to scheduling your dissertation defense. Only 700-level courses count toward this requirement. While 500- and 600-level courses may be taken, they cannot count towards the advanced courses requirement.

Please note that individual themes may require more than three advanced courses.

Course List

The list of courses and course descriptions are available in the GBS Course Catalog. Each course offering is subject to change. You can check the class schedule each semester to discover when a class you are interested in is offered. 

Exceptions and Special Circumstances

The following exceptions and special circumstances require the student to complete the Advanced Course Verification Form (pdf): 

    • 2 credit hour course: A 2 credit hour course may be used as an advanced course, if your theme director(s) agrees and the course results in a letter grade (no pass/fail). 
    • Off-site courses: One of the advanced courses can be an off-site course, such as those offered by Cold Spring Harbor; however, you must receive prior approval from your theme director and mentor.
    • Non-GBS courses: Graduate courses offered by other UAB Schools require prior mentor approval.
    • HudsonAlpha: If your permanent lab is at HudsonAlpha you can take courses at UAH, if prior approval is given by your mentor and theme director. 


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