At least 3 advanced courses are required for all GBS students.

  • Individual themes may require more than three advanced courses.
  • These courses must be completed prior to scheduling the defense.
  • Typically, advanced courses are 3 credit hours and must have a letter grade (no pass/fail).
  • A 2 credit hour course may be used as an advanced course, if the theme director(s) agrees and the course results in a letter grade (no pass/fail).
  • One of the advanced courses can also be an off-site course, such as those offered by Cold Spring Harbor; however this must receive prior approval from the theme director and the mentor. 
  • Graduate courses offered by other UAB Schools require prior mentor approval and documentation of approval to the theme manager.
  • If a student's permanent lab is at HudsonAlpha, a student can take courses at UAH, if prior approva is given by the mentor and theme director.
  • Only courses in the 700 level can be counted towards the advanced requirement. Courses in the 500 or 600 level may be taken, but they cannot count towards the 3 advanced courses requirement.

Below is a list of advanced courses that are on the books for GBS. You can check the class schedule each semester to discover when a class you are interested in is offered. This list will be updated yearly, at minimum.

GBS 700: Molecular Neurodegeneration
GBS 703: Research Analysis & Presentation
GBS 704: Intro to Experimental Medicine
GBS 705: Biology of Neurodevelopmental Disorders
GBS 715: Skeletal Development & Disease
GBS 717: Methods & Logic in Science
GBS 718: Graduate Histology
GBS 721: Genetic Epidemiology
GBS 725: GGB Grant Writing
GBS 726: Advanced Medical Genetics
GBS 729: Translational Approaches in Neurodegeneration
GBS 738: Experimental Design
GBS 739: Neuropharmacology
GBS 746: Art of Reproducible Science
GBS 749: Mitochondria in Health, Disease & Toxicology
GBS 754: Autophagy in Disease & Medicine
GBS 757: Biology of Disease
GBS 758: Cardiovascular Biology
GBS 759: Developing Presentation Skills for Micro Research
GBS 765: Hybrid Structural Techniques as Applied to Cellular & Molecular Biology
GBS 775: Cancer Treatment
GBS 778: Cancer Metastasis
GBS 779: Translational Reesarch in Cancer
GBS 787: Respiratory Tract Pathogens
GBS 788: Bio Tenents
GBS 789: Evolutionary Developmental Biology
GBS 790: Clinical Eval of Cognitive Disorders
GBSC 703: Intro to Scientific Computing
GBSC 704: Practical Course in Cryo-Electron Microscopy
GBSC 705: Protein Mass Spec
GBSC 706: NMR Spectroscopy
GBSC 707: Metabolic Regulation of Gene Expression
GBSC 708: Protein Purification & Characterization
GBSC 709: Adv Stem Cell Biology & Regenerative Medicine
GBSC 710: Adv Chromatin Biology
GBSC 712: Evolution of Immunity
GBSC 714: Applications of Microscopy
GBSC 715: Molecular Basis of Disease
GBSC 717: Protein/DNA Xray Crystallography
GBSC 718: Epigenetics
GBSC 721: Brain Tumor Biology
GBSC 724: Metabolomics
GBSC 725: Cancer & Microenvironment
GBSC 727: Neuro Systems
GBSC 728: Cancer Genomics & Epigenetics