Fall Semester

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GBS Core Courses
     GBS 708 | August 9-September 19
     Recommended Text (not required)

     Molecular Biology of the Cell, 6th Ed. (Alberts et al)   
     Syllabus for Fall 2016

     GBS 707 | September 20-October 28
     Recommended Text (not required):
     Biochemistry, 4nd Ed. (Voet and Voet)
     Syllabus for Fall 2016     

     GBS 709 | November 1-December 16
     Recommended Text (not required)
     Molecular Biology of the Cell, 6th Ed. (Alberts et al)
     Syllabus for Fall 2016

GBS 795: Lab Rotation 1 | Aug 15-Oct 14
GBS 796: Lab Rotation 2 | Oct 17-Dec 16

For Early Admits:
GBS 796: Lab Rotation 2 | Aug 15-Oct 14
GBS 797: Lab Rotation 3 | Oct 17-Dec 16

Spring Semester
Students take 1 module from each group. Check with your theme manager to discover your theme's plan for the spring modules & the summer module. Here is a list of the courses for Spring 2017:

Module 1 | January 4-31
GBS 710-Cell Signaling
GBS 724-Principles of Human Genetics
GBS 740a-Intro to Immunology, Pt 1*
GBS 750-Nerve Muscle & Bones
GBS 760-Prokaryotic Gen & Molecular Bio
GBS 781-Molecular Enzymology

Module 2 | February 1-28
GBS 712-Cell Mol Aspects Dev Bio
GBS 720-Genomic Structure & Function
GBS 740b-Intro to Immunology, Pt 2*
GBS 751-Heart Lung & Kidney
GBS 762-Virology
GBS 783-RNA Biology
GBSC 729-Cell Neurophys

*Students enroll in Part 1 and Part 2, receiving 1 grade at the end of Part 2.

Module 3 | March 1-28
GBS 714-Dev Neuro
GBS 722-Bioinformatics
GBS 744-Mucosal Immunology
GBS 752-GI Endo Immune Sys
GBS 763-Microbial Pathogenesis
GBS 769-Carcinogenesis
GBS 782-Mol Genetics

Module 4 | March 29-April 25
GBS 723-Model Sys for Genetic Analysis
GBS 741-Lymphocyte Bio
GBS 753-Pharm & Molecular Med
GBS 774-Cancer Immunology
GBS 784-Stem Cell Bio
GBSC 716-SpTp Intro Struct Bio/Adv Tech
GBSC 727-Neuro Sys 

GBS 797: Lab Rotation 3 | Jan 9-Mar 10
GBS 794: Lab Rotation 4 | Mar 13-May 12

For Early Admits:
GBS 794: Lab Rotation 4 | Jan 9-Mar 10

Summer Semester
All students are expected to take:
GBSC 722-Intro Biostats (June-July)

Module 5 | May 1-26
Students take only 1 module in Summer Semester.

GBS 733-Disease of Nervous Sys
GBS 768-Communicating Science
GBS 770-Pathobiology of Cancer
GBSC 718-Epigenetics
GBSC 726-Sci Comm & Review