All GBS students must participate in a journal club and seminar in both the Fall and Spring semesters until graduation. Check with the appropriate theme manager for theme-specific requirements/suggestions.

Journal Clubs. Below is a list of journal clubs that are on the books for GBS. You can check the class schedule each semester to discover when a JC you are interested in is offered. This list will be updated yearly, at minimum.

GBS 734: Neuroscience Historical Lit JC
GBS 736: Cognition JC
GBS 746J: Exercise Medicine JC
GBS 747J: Circadian Biology JC
GBS 756: Cardiometabolic Diseases JC
GBS 766: Inflammation JC
GBS 776: Cancer Biology JC
GBS 786J: JC in Structural Biology
GBS 793: Alzheimers & Frontotemporal Dementia JC
GBSC 700.01a: Cancer Immunology JC
GBSC 700.01b: YstMods4HuDis JC
GBSC 700.01c: Tissue Injury & Repair JC
GBSC 700.01d: Metabolism JC
GBSC 700.01e: Protein/Mass Spec JC
GBSC 700.01f: Stem Cell Biology JC
GBSC 700.01g: Trans Control in Viruses & Cancer JC
GBSC 700.01h: Parkinson's Disease JC
GBSC 700.01j: Adv Eukaryotic Md Biology JC
GBSC 700.01k: Striated Muscle Biology JC
GBSC 700.01l: Glial Biology JC
GBSC 700.01m: CNS Trauma JC
GBSC 700.01n: Cardio-Renal Physiology JC
GBSC 700.01p: CB2-401 & Seminar JC
GBSC 700.01q: Mech of Degen in Parkinsons JC
GBSC 700.01r: Oral & Skeletal Bio JC
GBSC 700.01s: Free Radical & Redox Bio JC
GBSC 700.01v: Central Dogma of Mol Biology JC
GBSC 700.01w: Mol Basis Resp Dis JC
GBSC 700.01x: Sleep Medicine JC
GBSC 700.01y: Advances Mol Exer Med JC
GBSC 700.01z: Exercise Bio in Neuro JC
GBSC 720.01a: Neurodegenerative Diseases JC

Seminars. Below is a list of seminars that are on the books for GBS. You can check the class schedule each semester to discover when a seminar you are interested in is offered and explore seminar offerings by other departments in Joint Health Sciences (NBL-Neurobiology; CDIB-Cell, Developmental & Integrative Biology; NTR-Nutrition Sciences, etc). This list will be updated yearly, at minimum.

GBS 737: Neuro Student Summer Seminar Series
GBS 777: Cancer Biology Seminar
GBS 792: CMDB Seminar
GBSC 701.01a: BMG Seminar
GBSC 701.01b: Grad Student Research Mtg
GBSC 701.01c: Trans Cardiovascular Science Seminar