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     For over 40 years, UAB has been recognized as one of the leading academic research institutions in the country and one of the world's premier centers for immunology research. As a measure of our scientific excellence, UAB currently attracts over $400 million per year in extramural grant support from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), which places it among the top 25 medical schools in the nation. This level of peer-reviewed grant support provides a clear indication that the biomedical research being carried out at UAB ranks among the very best in the nation.

     Research in immunology and host defense at UAB is particularly strong and was recently recognized as one of the five pillars of excellence in the Medical School. The Inflammation, Infection and Immunity (I3) pillar represents dynamic and cutting-edge research conducted in laboratories across the School of Medicine focused on Developmental Immunology, Neuroimmunology, Autoimmunity, Transplant Immunology, Mucosal Immunology, Immunodeficiency, Clinical/Translational Immunotherapeutics, Vaccine Development, Host-Pathogen Interactions, Inflammatory Syndromes and Structural Immunology. A major strength of Immunology research at UAB is the Program in Immunology, which brings together over 100 scientists across UAB who conduct research to understand the basic function of the immune system, as well as the underlying pathophysiological processes that contribute to a range of immunologically-mediated diseases. Finally, UAB has one of the oldest and most established institutional training grants in Immunology that provides outstanding opportunities for trainee professional and career development.

     The Immunology Graduate Program combines the research expertise of over 50 Immunology faculty members from 25 Departments and 20 Research Centers at UAB, devoted to training students who aspire to become the leaders in Immunology research of tomorrow. Research interests within the program are extremely broad, providing an environment that fosters highly effective interdisciplinary collaborations. The program is structured to allow you to develop your own unique training experience in immunology while you apply the newest, most powerful research tools to the scientific problem of your choice.

     We look forward to hearing from you!

Welcome to our new students for 2017:
Tayleur White- Norfold State University 
Sarah Faxel- Trinity University 
Erin McLaughlin- University of South Carolina-Aiken
Samuel Blum- Frostburg State University 
Matthew Smith- Brigham Young University