The UAB Neuroscience GraduateTheme is your portal into the comprehensive neuroscience research opportunities at UAB, where our students find a home and anchor for successful navigation through their graduate career. Our faculty and staff provide students with opportunities to study, learn, grow and function as professional scientists. Come check us out!
        Rita Cowell, PhD
Assoc Director, Neuroscience Theme           
Assoc Professor, Behavioral Neurobiology
Tel 205.975.7466
        Karen Gamble, PhD
Assoc Director, Neuroscience Theme
Asst Professor, Behavioral Neurobiology
Tel 205.934.4663


 We want to welcome our newest students to UAB, GBS and the Neuroscience Theme!
Stephanie Boas - University of Illinois
Lacy Goode - Florida State University
Jonathan Roth - University of Missouri-Rolla



We encourage you to apply for Fall 2017, beginning in August of this year. Applications are reviewed as they are received and interview sessions are scheduled based on receipt of applications. Priority deadline for domestic applicants is December 1, 2016; final deadline for ALL applications is January 15, 2017. Click on the Prospective Students tab at the top of this page for more detailed information. Go to Apply Yourself at
UAB has launched a new program aimed at under-represented minorities in neuroscience research. Check them out at For more information, contact Dr Farah Lubin at