BEFORE leaving UAB, you must email the Theme office with the following information:
1- Your name
2- Date of graduation
3- Type of industry you are moving into (academia, government, etc)
4- Name of lab you will be working in
5- Name of new employer
6- Address where you can be reached

From the Graduate School Website:

As soon as possible after your defense, complete any changes or corrections to your manuscript that were requested by your committee and obtain signatures of all committee members and your program director in blue or black ink on your approval form.

No later than 2 weeks following your public defense, your committee approved thesis or dissertation and all applicable forms are due in the Graduate School.  Your document will be reviewed for adherence to format requirements and for consistency in format and style. (See the UAB Format Manual). If you are reprinting a published article or previously published illustrations, you must also submit permission to reprint from the copyright holder. (see Publishing Your Thesis or Dissertation and Editing).

Doctoral Dissertations and Master's Theses are submitted online at  Follow the online instructions. The UAB Publication Agreement is submitted online. All applicable forms must be received before the document will be reviewed.

If you have no outstanding fees or grades, the email notification of final approval of your thesis or dissertation completes your graduation requirements. Approximately midway through your final semester, you will receive a letter that contains your Graduation Checklist. Review this letter carefully and keep it for your records to ensure that all graduation requirements are being met. If you have questions about unpaid fees, contact Student Accounting. If you have questions about grades, contact your department. Grades for the final semester are not submitted until the end of the semester.

After your document has been approved by the Graduate School you may...

  • Order bound copies of your thesis or dissertation for your personal use. If you want a copy of your signed approval form to be included in your personal copies, you must make copies after they are signed and place them in the copies you send to be bound. The original form is kept in the Graduate School.
  • Request a letter of degree verification if required for employment or a post-doctoral appointment. Your grades and student account will be checked at that time and, if appropriate, a letter indicating that you have completed all degree requirements and the date on which your degree will be conferred will be mailed. Details concerning degree verification are included in the instructions you receive with your approval forms.

Note: Students who leave the Birmingham area before the approval process is complete are STILL responsible for ensuring that their own requirements are met before semester deadlines.

Degree is officially conferred when the final copy of your document has been cleared by the Graduate School office and when all records have been cleared. Grades are not cleared until the end of exams in the semester in which you graduate. Once the degree has been officially awarded, degree verification can be obtained through Student Clearinghouse ( Official transcripts can be requested through the UAB Registrar’s Office (934-8222 or

Here are additional sources of information about graduation requirements: