FALL SEMESTER - 9 Credit Hours

GBS 730 - Intro to Neurobiology (Dauphin Island Course) / 3 credit hours
Course runs for approx 3 weeks from late July - mid August at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab (DISL) on the Gulf of Mexico. Students live, study, and work on the island. UAB faculty and advanced graduate students offer instruction and assistance. Orientation is held several days prior to departure.
Coursemasters: Paul Gamlin, PhD, and Kent Keyser, PhD
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GBS 707 - Basic Biochemistry/Metabolism / 2 credit hours
First block of Basic Biosciences course taken by all first year GBS students. Begins Aug 14 in BBRB 170.  GBS 707, 708 and 709 meet Monday-Friday, 8am-10am.

GBS 708 - Basic Genetics/Molecular Biology / 2 credit hours
Second block of Basic Biosciences course taken by all first year GBS students.

GBS 731 - Principles of Cellular Neuroscience / 3 credit hours
M-F, 8am-10am, Shelby Bldg room 105.
Course covers a variety of topics relative to cellular neuroscience.
Coursemaster: Vlad Parpura, MD, PhD 
NOTE:  Students will take this course in Fall semester of first year; however, because of hour restrictions, students do not register for this or receive a grade for it until the following Summer semester.

GBS 734 - Neuroscience Historical Literature Discussion  / 1 credit hour
Fridays, 3pm-5pm, Shelby Bldg room 105, Meets August-December.
Journal club for first year neuroscience students. Reviews and presentations of classic literature.
Coursemaster: Lucas Pozzo-Miller, PhD

GBS 795 - Lab Rotation 1 / 1 credit hour
Instructor: Your Rotation Mentor

SPRING SEMESTER - 9 Credit Hours

GBS 732 - Grad Neuro (Jan-Feb) / 2 credit hours
Days, time/location TBA
Coursemaster: John Hablitz, PhD

GBS 791 - Grad Neuro Discussion (Jan-Feb) / 1 credit hour
Days, time/location TBA
Coursemaster: Gwen King, PhD

GBS 714 - Developmental Neuroscience (Mar) / 2 credit hours
M-F, 8am-10am, SHEL 105
Coursemaster: Kent Keyser, PhD

GBS 733 - Disease of the Nervous System (Apr) / 2 credit hours
M-F, 8am-10am, CIRC
Coursemaster: Harald Sontheimer, PhD

GBS 796 - Lab Rotation 2 / 2 credit hours
Instructor: Your Rotation Mentor

SUMMER SEMESTER - 9 Credit Hours

GBS 797 - Lab Rotation 3 / 5 credit hours
Instructor: Your Rotation Mentor

GBS 737 - Student Summer Seminar Series  (Jun-Sep) / 1 credit hour
Th, 1:30pm, BBRB 170
Coursemasters: Karen Gamble, PhD and Rita Cowell, PhD

GBS 731 - Principles of Cell Neuroscience / 3 credit hours 
This is the course taken in previous Fall semester 

FALL SEMESTER of 2nd Year - 9 Credit Hours, of which 3 are with following:

GRD 717 - Principles of Scientific Integrity / 3 credit hours
Friday afternoons, August - November
Coursemaster: Jeff Engler, PhD

SPRING SEMESTER of 2nd Year - 9 Credit Hours, of which 3 are with the following:

BY 775 - Biometry  / 3 credit hours
Days/Times TBA
Coursemaster: Robert Angus, PhD

Additional requirements

  • Seminar every semester (GBS 737 every summer semester)
  • Journal club every Fall and Spring semester
  • 3 advanced course electives chosen by the student and mentor
  • 2 first authored papers
  • When planning to write your dissertation (after committee clearance), student must first submit an outline and get it approved by the theme director before proceeding to write