Rotation Documents
  • At the beginning of a rotation, PBMM students are responsible for turning in a Rotation Evaluation Form (top portion of the "Mentor" version, which outlines the goal(s) for the rotation) to the Program Manager. These are due within 10 days of the start of the rotation:
    • By September 4, 2014 (Fall Rotations)
    • By December 1, 2014 (Winter Rotations)
    • By March 12, 2015 (Spring Rotations)
  • Evaluation forms are due to the Program Manager two weeks after the conclusion of the rotation.  This includes the Mentor Evaluation Form and a Student Evaluation Form.

Lab Rotation Evaluation Forms

Guidelines for Rotation Posters

Poster Template

PBMM Students are requested to use the template provided for all first-year poster sessions.  

PBMM Poster Template

Mentor Selection Form

  • The Mentor Selection form is due to the Program Manager by May 1 of the first year.  

GBS Mentor Selection Form