Welcome to the Girls in Science and Engineering Day Page! 

Girls in Science and Engineering Day (GSED), is a day for local middle school girls
(6th-8th grade) to come to UAB and participate in fun science and engineering activities
led by women who are professors, scientists, and students from UAB and our surrounding community. All girls will participate in three different exciting workshops throughout the day.

*If you would still like to register for GSED, please email us at girlsinscienceday@gmail.com*

*This year, our event will be held on May 19, 2018 at Volker Hall!*

Here are some of our awesome workshops from the past: 

         Electrical engineering     Reptilian biology     Neuroscience
     Material science engineering     Heart Dissection and Pathology
Chemistry     Environmental Engineering     Magnetism     Medical Suturing
        Rehabilitation Robotics     Nuclear Engineering     Forensics


Reach Out To Us: 

Check out the rest of the Girls in Science and Engineering Day website for information about this event!

Questions? Email event directors at girlsinscienceday@gmail.com.

Interested in volunteering or have any special skills (videography, photography). Email our volunteer coordinator, Shelly Nason, shnason@uab.edu

Check out photos from past years and other cool info on our FACEBOOK page!

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History of GSED: 

Girls in Science and Engineering Day was created in 2011 as a unique event designed to inspire and empower Birmingham-area middle school girls to achieve and excel in science and engineering fields. The event was founded by UAB students Alison Barnard, DPT (class of 2012) and Farah Khan, MD (class of 2013), two friends who believe that all girls can be successful in science, math, engineering, or any subjects they desire to pursue!

Kelsey Patterson (UAB MSTPserved as the event director from 2013 to 2016. She loves all things related to science so much so that she is pursuing an MD and a Ph.D.! Rachel Thompson has also served on the leadership in the past and is now pursuing a Masters at Clemson University. 

The current leadership team includes Ramsha Farrukh, Sameera Grandhi, Catie Scull, Shelly Nason, and Sarah Dulson. All of these women are active passionate about STEM and grateful for the mentorships that they have had. Dr. Sisiopiku serves as the event director. 

To discuss or make your philanthropic commitment to GSED, please contact Robert Blakely, Director of Development for the School of Engineering.