There are so many awesome science and engineering websites on the internet!  Check out these sites that we thought were some of the coolest:

  • - This website has an awesome list of STEM links for kids of all ages and with all types of interests! Other pages on the site have lots of great resources and information on pursuing education and careers in the data science field.
  • - This website lets you do really neat interactive activities such as investigate a crash scene, predict the weather, and perform virtual surgery!  If you are interested in being a doctor or other healthcare professional, there are many activities that are related to medicine.

  • - For anyone interested in weather!  You can read all about tornadoes, hurricanes, and lightening.

  • - This engineering website has information about many different types of engineering.  It also has an awesome video about how engineers who are skateboarders are designing injury-reducing soles for skateboarding shoes.  If you are really interested in skateboarding, you might also like where the physics of skateboarding are explained.

  • - A museum website that has information on many different types of science subjects.  The website is huge so take some time to explore!

  • - A website devoted to exploring women's adventures in science.  Learn about the lives of female scientists who do everything from solve crimes using human bones to design interactive robots!

  • - This website is a great source for science projects. There is everything from science fair ideas to fun experiments to do in the kitchen on a lazy afternoon. 

**Know of any other awesome science or engineering websites?  Let us know at!