Through Experience

Intense Education

A lot can be learned in a classroom. But the precise details of a properly prepared microscope slide? The best way to talk to an at-risk teenager?

That has to be learned in the field. You know what else happens in the field? The great experience of exploring the world for yourself, answering questions, and making discoveries that change the way people think. This is why, at UAB, the world is our classroom.


Your curiosity burns brighter than magnesium. To keep it burning, we get you into the lab or out into the field as early as your freshman year. You’ll be working elbow-to-elbow with UAB researchers, guided by a faculty mentor and learning how to work, think, and analyze the way researchers do. Well before graduation, many Honors College students have proposed their own research project, executed it using pro-quality equipment and facilities, and presented their work to the world in peer-reviewed journals and national conferences. Make no mistake: This is real-world work, and it requires real-world processing and problem solving. But you wouldn’t be in the Honors College if you couldn’t handle it, and we’ll be with you every step of the way.

I love service learning. I find that my coursework means more to me on a personal level because of how invested I get in my community service.

Skyler Hendrix, Honors College

Service Learning and Outreach

When you have insight, intelligence, and compassion — and the fire to use them — you also have a responsibility to share those qualities with the world. From the very first service project during your Freshman Retreat, the Honors College will put you out in the world for service learning and outreach to make connections and make a difference. Students have worked teaching and mentoring students as local as Woodlawn, Alabama, and addressing public health concerns as far away as the Dominican Republic. It’s not just about the education — it’s about the experiences that change lives. Their lives are better, and your life will definitely never be the same.

Education Abroad

There’s no better place to understand nutrition in developing nations than in those nations. There’s no better place to explore Antarctic biomes than in Antarctica. And there’s no better way to learn Arabic than to surround yourself with Arabic speakers. UAB researchers love having honors students along to learn and assist, and UAB Education Abroad offers educational opportunities with more than 400 programs in 40 countries (and one cruise ship). See the world. Change it. Expand your world. And then set it on fire.

In the spring of 2017, Dr. Shannon Blanton, Dean of the UAB Honors College and Professor of International Studies, will teach a new honors course on “Socio-economic and Political Change in Contemporary Cuba,” which will include a Spring Break study abroad experience in Cuba.

Student Leadership

Change doesn’t just happen — it’s made to happen, and it’s made to happen by people with the confidence and drive to lead the way. (Sound like anyone you know?) UAB Honors College students start with motivation and energy, and we help them shape that into leadership qualities. Maybe you’re ready to start a student organization, seed a service project, contribute new scientific discoveries, or bring a new approach to an old problem. You want to be at the front, and we’re ready to help you lead the way.

Honors College Leadership Council

We know that our accomplished, motivated students are their own best advocates. That’s why our student representatives have come together in the Honors College Leadership Council (HCLC). They work to foster a sense of community within the Honors College, promote the best interests of the college as a part of the larger university, and raise the profile and visibility of the college on and off campus. Their work helps our students, and our college as a whole, get the visibility and support that they need and deserve.

Honors College Ambassadors

The best representatives of the UAB Honors College are our students — people who are passionate about what the college does and what the students are capable of doing. Our Honors College Ambassadors are that kind of passionate. They connect with community members, university administrators and staff, current students, and prospective students like you — because no one knows the college like the students who are in it, and no one knows what the college can do like the students who are becoming who they’re meant to be, one extraordinary experience at a time.

Honors College Resident Assistants

We make it our mission to foster an inclusive, close-knit community — in the classroom and outside of it. Our Honors RAs are essential — and outstanding — partners in our community-building efforts. They live on the honors floors of the New Freshman Residence Hall, help our honors students navigate collegiate life, and collaborate with our honors advisors to offer fun and informative programs each month. In short, they make sure all of our new students feel at home at UAB and in the UAB Honors College.

In April of 2016, 17 honors students were part of a UAB contingent attending the Clinton Global Initiative University in Miami. These students presented their Commitments to Action — new, specific, measureable initiatives to benefit their communities or communities around the world.


Organizations around the globe are eager to give funding for research, education abroad, and graduate education to promising students. That’s why our Office of National and International Fellowships and Scholarships exists. This stellar resource has helped our students apply for dozens of prestigious fellowships, and helped them track down even more that aren’t on most people’s radar. Just in the past year, 25 students won funding, from Rhodes and Fulbright scholarships to undergraduate research scholarships. That could be you — if you’re up to the challenge. Email our office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you think you are.

2015 / 2016 Hall of Fame >

2015 /2016 Hall of Fame

Fellowships and Scholarships

  • Elora Robbani – Clinton Scholarship to Dubai
  • Ophelia Johnson – Marshall Scholarship
  • Shanquela Williams – Benjamin Gilman Scholarship (Ghana)
  • Dillan Reed – Benjamin Gilman Scholarship (Jordan)
  • Bryan Wilbanks – AANA CRNA Palmer Carrier Doctoral Fellowship
  • Bryan Wilbanks – AANA CAN Insurance Doctoral Fellowship
  • Timothy Young – Foundation for Addictions Nursing Lois Widly Student Scholarship
  • Thomas Sargent – SAMHSA Minority Fellowship Program-Youth
  • Hriday Bhambhvani – NIH Summer Internship Program
  • Rohit Borah – NSF University Innovation Fellow
  • Forrest Satterfield - NSF University Innovation Fellow
  • John Shelley – NSF University Innovation Fellow
  • Murray Ladner – NSF University Innovation Fellow
  • Aidan O’Beirne – DOE SULI Program
  • Monica Aswani – Phi Kappa Phi Dissertation Fellowship
  • Anisha Das – Critical Language Scholarship, Bangla
  • Lillian Chien – Critical Language Scholarship, Chinese
  • Jarrod Hicks – Amgen Scholars Program, MIT
  • Akhil Kaushik – Amgen Scholars Program, Wash U St. Louis
  • Elizabeth Bevan – P.E.O. Scholar Award
  • Christina D’Angelo – NSF GRFP
  • Amanda Clark – NSF GRFP
  • Courtney Walker – Goldwater Scholarship
  • Daniel Mendoza – Clinton Scholarship
  • Kevin Lee – Clinton Scholarship
  • Dionna Walker – Freeman-Asia Scholarship
  • David Kovakas – Freeman-Asia Scholarship
  • Shawn Freeman – Boren Scholarship
  • David Kovokas – Benjamin Gilman Scholarship
  • Bliss Chang – Phi Kappa Phi Graduate Fellowship

Boren Scholarship Alternate

  • Rebecca Hyde
  • Chad Brasfield

NSF GRFP Honorable Mentions

  • Luke McClintock
  • Zac Ingram
  • Katherine Savell
  • Mary Katherine Osborn

Goldwater Scholarship Honorable Mentions

  • Aidan O’Bierne
  • Brenna Nye
  • Hriday Bhambhvani
2015 Clinton Global Initiative University >

2016 Clinton Global Initiative University

  • Rebecca Massey
  • Ramon Jeter
  • Anisha Das
  • Gaurav Agrawal
  • Clara Wan
  • Esha Kaushik
  • Mallack Jaber
  • Michelle Nguyen
  • JaVarus Humphries
  • Armand Fernandez
  • Aileen Jong
  • Rohit Borah
  • Gerardo Hernandez-Moreno
  • Christlin Ponraj
  • Angelin Ponraj
  • Seth Borgstede
  • Neha Kaushik
  • Sagar Kaushik
  • Aarin Palomares
  • Sean McMahon
  • Aseel Dib
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