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Welcome to the HR Electronic Leave Accrual System (eLAS) website. This website was created to provide information to the UAB community about the eLAS system.  Questions regarding the content of this website or the new eLAS system may be directed to Human Resource Information Systems by emailing: HReLas@uab.edu.  

eLAS is a web based application developed by UAB Information Technology and Human Resources; it is designed to provide the UAB community with a methodology for managing/tracking the benefit time accruals and usage for monthly paid employees.

eLAS is available to the UAB Main Campus (University and Hospital) upon request with appropriate approval. Organizations that would like to begin using eLAS may request access to the eLAS system with appropriate approvals. See instructions below for new eLAS Users.

Request Access to eLAS

The eLAS system is a means of managing and tracking benefit time accruals for monthly paid employees.  Once all New eLAS User Tasks have been completed, the designated eLAS Org Admin will be notified that eLAS is available for use.

eLAS User Tasks  

1. Designate one person as the eLAS Org Admin. Download and complete the eLAS User Request and Approval Form. Email completed form to: HReLas@uab.edu  or print and fax to: 975-6344.

2. eLAS Org Admin attend eLAS Admin Training

3. Identify departmental eLAS Approvers and Approval Levels.

4. Forward Approvers and Approval Levels to Organization Work Flow Officer for WAM setup

5. Verify accuracy of WAM setup for eLAS Doc Type

6. Download and complete the eLAS Accrual Balances Upload Form. Email completed form to: HReLas@uab.edu

Questions pertaining to the New eLAS User Tasks, may be directed to:  HReLas@uab.edu.

Classroom Instruction

Classroom Instruction:

eLAS Admin Training
Each unique organization code opting to utilize eLAS will designate an eLAS Org Admin.  The eLAS Org Admin will be responsible for creating approval groups within the organization, assigning employees to approval groups, supervising the certification process, and generating reports. eLAS Org Admins may register foreLAS Admin Training here:   www.uab.edu/learningsystem.

eLAS Requestor/Approver Training
One of the benefits of the Electronic Leave Accrual System (eLAS) is the ability for monthly paid employees (Requestor) to request and submit time off requests at their own convenience. Since the eLAS system is a web based application, employees may access it from any Internet connection.  Once submitted, a time off request will electronically be sent to designated individuals (Approver) for approval.  NOTE:  There is a six month entry limit for eLAS time off requests.

eLAS Requestors and Approvers may register for training here: www.uab.edu/learningsystem

Contact Us

If you have questions regarding the eLAS system, please refer to the contacts below:

Access or System Issues:  HReLas@uab.edu

Accrual Balances Questions:  Department Personnel Representative

Monthly Accrual Leave Policy Questions:  HR Records Administration