UAB is a premier institution and recognized leader in cardiovascular science. The Comprehensive Cardiovascular Center (CCVC) will help to position UAB and expand growth in newer, high-impact areas of science such as regenerative cardiovascular medicine, novel device-based therapeutics, and biological therapy. This coordinated organizational vision will foster multi-disciplinary and multi-investigator collaborations and programmatic development in cardiovascular research.


  • To position UAB as premier institution for cardiovascular research and expand growth in newer high impact areas of science.


  • To create an efficient organizational structure that better focuses existing resources in cardiovascular medicine and research in response to a rapidly evolving funding environment, to improve communication and collaboration with the various  clinical and research entities that are involved with cardiovascular disease, and to contribute resources that promote investigator-initiated research in the cardiovascular sciences


  • Support collaborative and cutting-edge research in basic, clinical, population, and translational cardiovascular science to grow the UAB research portfolio
  • Recruitment & retention of outstanding cardiovascular faculty to UAB
  • Enrich the educational, training and mentoring environment in cardiovascular science
  • Foster the strategic alliances with other Schools and Centers at UAB
  • Contribute core expertise in cardiovascular science to ongoing and future UAB research programs
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