The Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Alabama School of Medicine exists in order to provide the highest quality emergency medical care to patients, to participate in the education of health professionals, and to promote the development of the specialty of emergency medicine and related disciplines through excellence in patient care, teaching, and research.

In addition to our primary role as the provider for outstanding emergency medical care at the premier academic emergency department in the state of Alabama, our department has significantly expanded our services in the areas of clinical care, emergency medicine education and NIH-funded emergency medicine research.  Our clinical services now extend beyond the walls of the ED as our faculty and staff provide specialized patient care in multiple areas of the the medical center.

Our new clinical services include a dedicated Therapeutic Hypothermia team, a new Hyperbarics and Wound Care Center, as well as Critical Care Transport, a hospital-based, interfacility transport program that transports patients in the United States and worldwide.