Metformin to Augment Strength Training Effective Response in Seniors


Strength exercise training is the most effective intervention identified to combat loss of muscle function with advancing age; however, the response to exercise is blunted and highly variable in older adults.  This randomized, placebo-controlled trial - a collaboration between two major academic medical centers (University of Kentucky and University of Alabama at Birmingham) - is designed to determine if the addition of a medication (Metformin) will improve the effectiveness of strength training in older adults.  The overall goal is to establish a low cost, personalized approach to prevent frailty in the elderly.

Participants:  65+ years of age; no history of diabetes; no intensive strength training during the past three years; access to transportation; must meet all other inclusion and exclusion criteria.

Benefits:  Supervised exercise training 3 days per week for 14 weeks with certified trainers in a clinical research setting; free assessments of health and functional status, body composition, and fitness; opportunity to play a pivotal role in Biomedical research that will advance personalized exercise medicine for older adults.

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Head, Neck, and Breast Cancer
The UAB Center for Exercise Medicine, UAB Division of Otolaryngology, and UAB Department of Radiation Oncology are sponsoring a pilot study for head/neck or breast cancer patients evaluating the effects of radiation and chemotherapy on muscle mass and function/strenth, and the effects of a strength training rehabilitation program.  Each participant will exercise under full supervision three days per week at UAB.
To participate in this study, candidates should meet the following criteria:

·        Adults 19 years or older with Head, Neck, or Breast cancer
·        Able to attend 3 exercise sessions per week at UAB for 8 weeks
·        Must pass pre-exercise screening

For more information, please contact Craig Tuggle at 205-934-6221 or by email at  

Hip and Knee Replacement (TWEAK Trial)

The randomized clinical trial is designed to test the central hypothesis that progressive resistance training plus adjunctive funcational mobility training after THA/TKA will more effectively restore muscle mass and mobility function to healthy standards than usual care and, because individuals with abnormally high muscle TWEAK signaling are predicted to suffer failed muscle recovery and persistent dismobility under usual care, the impact of the intervention will be greatest among these patients.

For more information, please contact Anna Grace Watkins by email at