Birmingham is the hub and heart of Alabama. With a population of almost a million, it's the state's largest city. It's also a city of pleasant surprises.

Located in the north-central part of Alabama, Birmingham climbs and spreads through hills forested with oak, sycamore, beech and other native hardwoods. Being in the foothills of the Appalachians, the city enjoys an almost ideal climate. The average high is 72.7 degrees and the average low is only 51.3 degrees.

Day or night, you can always find entertainment and excitement just around the corner. Planning a night out? Try the Five Points South or the Lakeview areas. Pubs, restaurants, bars, and live music are all within walking distance of the UAB campus. Birmingham is noted for the diversity and quality of restaurants. From grits to foie-gras, curry to sushi, the Magic City offers a fare to please every palate and pocketbook.

Spend some time at Birmingham's Botanical Gardens or Aldridge Botanical Gardens. Or you can just drive 5-10 minutes to the Oak Mountain State Park. Birmingham also has a large city-owned museum of art.

A few more suggestions are below. Click on the name of each activity for additional information.

Civil Rights Insitute

Open on Sundays from 1 to 5 pm. No admission charge on Sundays. If anybody is interested please email us at and we will arrange a group visit after the symposium ends on Sunday.

Zip Lining


A group visit can be arranged for 8:30 pm on Saturday, June 22, after the end of the Reception and Poster session. Up to 15 can be accommodated and the Zip Lining company requires several weeks advance notice. The cost per person is $55. If you are interested, please email  by June 1, to ensure your inclusion.

Vulcan Park

Open until 10 pm. Self-drive for a beautiful view of Birmingham. Cost is $4.

Restaurants around the UAB Campus

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Five Points South Area

Lakeview District  Area

Specifically, you can try the following restaurants. Some have live music.

Highlands Bar & Grill  - Five Points District

Ocean and 26 - Five Point District

Hot and Hot Fish Club - Five Point District

Bottle Tree

Rogue Tavern  – Loft District

Dave’s - Five Points District

J. Clyde -  Five Points

Marty’s – Five Points/Southside District (Live music every day)