Faculty and Research Projects

Selecting a faculty mentor
Contact faculty members who are working in areas in which you may have an interest.  See the sidebar for a list of UAB faculty who are interested in having students work in their laboratories this summer.  Each faculty member has provided a brief description of his/her research to give you an idea of their particular fields of interest. 

Your selection of a faculty mentor is not limited to this group; however, for funding from the T35 mechanism you will have a much better chance of being funded if you choose from this list.  For other summer programs, please check directly with them for a list of participating faculty.

Please see the sidebar for a link to the School of Medicine Faculty information.

If you would like help in choosing an area of work or help with selecting a sponsor, please contact Dr. Lorenz (rlorenz@uab.edu, 934-0676) as soon as possible.