Medical students often choose to undertake research during the summer between the first and second years of medical school. Opportunities exist for students to participate in basic biomedical, clinical, translational, and global health research. 
Participating 2017 Medical Student Summer Research Programs (MSSRP):
CCTS Comparative Effectiveness and Patient-Centered Outcomes Research (CER/PCOR) TL1 Summer Research Program* 
Department of Internal Medicine Koopman Medical Student Research Excellence Award*
Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Functional Neurorehabilitation Research Program*
Department of Surgery Summer Research Program*
Diabetes Research Center Summer Research Fellowship Program*
O'Brien Kidney Center Summer Research Program Educational and Enrichment Program*
Short-term Research Training Program (SRTP)*
CaRES is the Cancer Research Experiences for Students**
Department of Pediatrics Russell Cunningham Memorial Research Program**
*Apply for these program(s) using the 'common application'
** Separate application process