Welcome to UAB Maternal-Fetal Medicine, a division of the department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University Of Alabama School Of Medicine at UAB.  Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialists, also known as perinatologists, are obstetrician gynecologists with specialized training in the diagnosis and management of obstetric, medical and surgical complications of pregnancy. Physicians in the MFM  Division provide care for women with medical, obstetrical, or surgical problems complicating their current or prior pregnancies. In addition, MFM physicians also provide screening and diagnostic services to assess the risk for fetal complications in all pregnant women, especially those considered at high-risk based on maternal age, medical status, or prior history.  Our faculty consists of nationally recognized physicians, board certified in Maternal-Fetal Medicine and Obstetrics and Gynecology, with one faculty also board certified in Medical Genetics.

Clinically, UAB Maternal-Fetal Medicine serves as a regional referral center for both inpatient and outpatient care for women throughout the state of Alabama as well as in neighboring states. As one of two academic medical centers in Alabama, the division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine plays an active role in providing resources and backup to physicians and their obstetric patients. The MFM division works closely with the Alabama Medicaid agency and the Alabama Department of Public Health in development of clinical perinatal practice guidelines. Additional details on the clinical care provided by UAB Maternal-Fetal Medicine can be found on the UAB Medicine website.

In addition to its role in the Residency program, the division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine offers two fellowship programs for obstetrician gynecologists desiring advanced training in maternal-fetal medicine. A three-year fellowship program in maternal-fetal medicine is structured to provide each fellow with a broad-based experience in all of the clinical and research aspects of MFM so that graduates will be well prepared for an academic career in Maternal-Fetal Medicine. In conjunction with the Department of Genetics, we offer a combined four-year fellowship program providing training in both Maternal-Fetal Medicine and Clinical Genetics. Through this integrated program fellows gain not only all of the experience of the traditional MFM fellowship, but also the clinical and technical knowledge required for the practice of clinical genetics. While most fellows who participate in this dual certification program concentrate in prenatal genetics, they also gain experience in all areas of clinical genetics and knowledge regarding the rapidly advancing field of genomics and genomic technologies.  The fellowship selection process is highly selective and aims to identify candidates with exceptional clinical and surgical aptitude, as well as interest and demonstrated ability in basic, translational or clinical research. Additional information regarding the fellowship is available on the ERAS website. In general, the joint MFM-Genetics fellowship enrolls fellows on alternate years so interested applicants should check with the program coordinator to determine if applications are being accepted in any given year.