Ambulatory Gynecology Rotation

Rotation Objective: To provide a setting where upper level residents can experience ambulatory OBGYN in a private practice setting with direct supervision of attending faculty from Division of Women’s Reproductive Health.

Supported by the Division of Women’s Reproductive Heathcare (WRH), the resident has his/her own daily schedule of patients. This rotation allows the resident to experience and see unique office situations such as in office procedures and specific counseling is emphasized throughout their rotation. Additionally residents are responsible for learning proper coding, documentation, and lab follow up. On days where seeing patients at the WIC, they are additionally responsible for aiding faculty with postpartum rounding.

Gynecologic Oncology Rotation and Schedule

The service consists of a PGY1 floor, PGY1 clinics, PGY2 - PGY4 resident (see detailed rotations descriptions below). The Oncology service works at UAB Hospital. There
Oncology Conference & OR Schedules

PGY1 (Floor)

The intern's primary responsibility is to manage the floor patients.  He/she will perform appropriate major and minor cases in the OR if available.  He/she is expected to frequently check-in with the PGY-2&3 in the OR for floor duties.
PGY1 (Clinics)
This intern attends all oncology clinics Monday through Friday from 0800-1700. The intern prepares and presents cases at Tumor Board Each Monday at 1630 in WIC 5324. Tumor Board must be submitted to Drs. Conner and Novak by Friday at 1200.
These residents have the ultimate responsibility for the UAB inpatient services on their respective teams.  They should communicate with the fellow on a daily basis regarding patient care.  The PGY-3 and PGY-4 will perform most of the major oncology cases at UAB.
The resident has ultimate responsibility for the inpatient service and should communicate with the fellow on a daily basis regarding patient care.  The PGY-3 and PGY-4 will perform most of the major oncology cases at UAB and Brookwood.

Night Float

1st call to OB triage, postpartum, IUP, and routine labor management. When possible the PGY-1 will have OB Triage as their primary responsibility.

1st call to Gyn, Onc, OB transfers, and Emergency department. Also, the PGY-2 supervises the PGY-1. If two issues need solving at the same time, then help should be sought from the PGY-3.

Oversees the PGY-1 and PGY-2.

Oversees L&D, Antepartum service, Postpartum service, Onc, REI and Gyn Services at night.

*All Night Float residents are freed from Continuity Clinic responsibilities during the rotation.

5th resident
See Short call/home call section for details.

PGY1 Internal Medicine Rotation / Ultrasound Rotation

Each intern will complete a 4-week rotation on Internal Medicine as a part of the primary care requirement. The resident will spend 2-weeks on an inpatient month on the Tinsley Harrison service. Rotation dates will be approved and scheduled by the Internal Medicine Administrative Chief Residents. The other 2-weeks will be OB Ultrasound / GYN Continuity Clinic.

PGY3 Research / Ultrasound Rotation

This resident is expected to submit to the Administrative Chiefs and Dr. Goepfert their research plan prior to the FIRST day of the rotation, including specific research duties while on rotation.  In addition, the resident will be expected to submit a mid-rotation synopsis of progress by the beginning of the fourth week of the rotation.

At the end of the rotation, the resident should also send the Administrative Chiefs and Dr. Goepfert an update on the progress of their research project(s) and other pertinent tasks during his/her rotation.  In addition, they are expected to attend ultrasound clinics three half-days per week as outlined in the US curriculum handbook


  • Measure BPD, HC, AC, FL, HL, AFI. Determine placental location, presentation, cardiac activity

  • Early OB US/TVUS-measure CRL & gest. Sac. Identify yolk sac, cul-de-sac, adnexa
  • OB US- Anatomy: Intracranial (ventricles, cerebellum), Spine, 4 chamber heart, abdominal wall, cord insertion, kidneys, badder, abdominal organs, appropriate situs, face, extremities
  • Perform amniocentesis
  • GYN US- measure uterine size, endometrial thickness, evaluate uterine contour, cervix, cul-de-sac and adenxa
PGY3 :

  • Adv. OB US- spina bifida, anencephaly, ventral wall defects, renal pelvis dilation, renal dysplasia, cleft lip, club foot, hypoplastic left heart, AV canal, bowel atresia, echogenic bowel, nuchal fold measurement, echogenic focus,  ventriculomegaly, 2 vessel cord
  • Perform BPPs
PGY4 :

  • Adv. GYN US- Characterize adnexal masses (including the use of Doppler to assess), perform sonohysterography

PGY4 Elective and Schedule

Each Chief resident 1) will be responsible for scheduling his or her own 7-week elective, 2) is expected to attend their continuity clinic, and 3) must submit a formal proposal by e-mail or hard copy to Dr. Goepfert prior to the beginning of his/her rotation outlining a plan for the rotation. This proposal must be approved by Dr. Goepfert prior to the beginning of the elective rotation. Also, a formal summary of the rotation at the rotation’s end will be required.

Elective Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday





Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Rotation and Schedule

The reproductive endocrine service consists of a PGY-2 and PGY-4.

HSG's are done at the Kirklin Clinic in Radiology on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at 1400. The chief resident will determine coverage of these procedures. An REI attending or fellow will be present to assist.
REI Schedule 

SICU Rotation

PGY3 residents will manage high acuity patients, especially with Oncology patients. During this 6-week rotation, residents will spend 4-eeks in the SICU.  Two of those weeks will be 6-day weeks (Monday-Saturday day shifts) and 1-week will be Monday-Friday and the other Monday-Thursday.

UAB Gynecology / Outside Gynecology / Urogynecology Rotation and Schedules

  • These three services consist of a PGY1, two PGY2 residents, a PGY3 resident, and two PGY4 residents. The Gyn service is responsible for covering patients of the WRH attendings. The Urogyn team is responsible for covering the patients of all Urogyn attendings and fellows.
  • The PGY2 resident with assistance from the PGY4 resident is responsible for all ER consults and all inpatient consults. The PGY-2 resident coordinates follow-up care for non-emergent consults at the Russell Gyn Clinic.
  • The PGY1 is responsible for rounding on all Gyn patients in the morning.  The PGY2 and PGY4 are expected to direct and oversee all management of the Gyn patients on the floor by the intern.
  • The PGY2 and PGY4 on Urogyn function independently from the Gyn team unless a member of either team is on vacation and case-coverage is needed.
University Gynecology Schedule 

University Obstetrics Rotation

This service consists of a PGY1 board, PGY1 Triage, PGY2 board runner, PGY2 Post-partum rounder/clinic resident, PGY3 Antepartum (IUP), PGY3 OB complications clinic, and PGY4.  The team runs L&D from 0600-1700 Mon – Thursday and 0600 – 1600 Friday. Resident didactics take place every Wednesday at 0630 in the Hauth Conference Room; topics are as dictated by attendings on service.