Residents may undertake moonlighting activities only in accordance with the policies and guidelines established by the Department of Ob/Gyn. The following policies apply to moonlighting for ALL Ob/Gyn Department residents.

  1. Residents cannot be required to engage in moonlighting activities.
  2. PGY-1 residents are not permitted to moonlight.
  3. Residents participating in moonlighting activities must be fully licensed to practice medicine in the State of Alabama.
  4. Residents must use their individual DEA numbers for moonlighting activities. The institutional number cannot be used for moonlighting activities.
  5. Professional liability insurance coverage for moonlighting activities is not provided by the Hospital. It is the responsibility of the institution hiring the resident to moonlight to determine whether appropriate licensure is in place, whether adequate liability coverage is provided, and whether the resident has the appropriate training and skills to carry out assigned duties.
  6. The Program Director must ensure that moonlighting does not interfere with the ability of the resident to achieve the goals and objectives of the educational program.
  7. Each resident must submit to the Program Director a prospective, written request for approval of all moonlighting activities, which must be signed by the Program Director and maintained as a part of the residents’ permanent record.
  8. All moonlighting activities (internal and external) must be counted toward the 80-hour weekly limit on duty hours. Internal moonlighting is defined as moonlighting within the residency program, the sponsoring institution, and/or the program’s primary clinical site.
  9. Residents must avoid moonlighting on the busier services (Onc, OB, Night float). 
  10. The Program Director will monitor each resident’s performance for the effect of moonlighting activities. Should adverse effects be noted or the resident is exceeding duty hours due to moonlighting, the program director may withdraw approval for and/or restrict the resident’s moonlighting activities.
Additional information on UAB's Graduate Medical Education regarding Moonlighting can be found in the UASOM Graduate Medical Education Policies and Procedures (page 39).